Licenses & Taxes

City of Bellevue Business License

Business Licenses and Permits
Tax Division: 425-452-6851

After procuring a State of Washington Master Business License, business owners in the City of Bellevue must obtain a Business License as follows:

  • Log on to FileLocal
  • Select the option to Create a Business Account and follow the instructions.
  • A one time Business License application fee for City of Bellevue is $87, plus a $5 fee for FileLocal.
  • Once the application and the payment is completed the Business License can immediately be printed.


City of Bellevue B&O Tax

City of Bellevue Tax Information (includes B&O Tax and Other Bellevue Taxes)
City of Bellevue Tax Division: 425-452-6851

Entities doing business in the City of Bellevue are required to pay a business and occupation (B&O) tax.

  • Gross Business Receipts Tax Filers: Most businesses will report in the gross receipts business tax category. The current Gross Receipts Tax rate is: .1496% of gross receipts.
  • Square Footage Tax Filers: The square footage tax category was implemented to tax those businesses that exist in Bellevue but do not directly generate gross revenue. (E.g. corporate headquarters, offices or other support groups.) The current Square Footage Tax rate is: $0.24115 per square foot, per quarter.
  • Both Tax Category Filers: If a business operates both a support location (subject to the square footage B&O tax) and a separate sales location (subject to the gross business receipts B&O tax) in the City of Bellevue, they may be required to report in both the gross business receipts and square footage tax categories.
  • Businesses with annual gross receipts of $155,000 or less than 250 square feet for offices located in Bellevue will be placed on a non-filing status and are exempt from the B&O tax.