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After procuring a State of Washington Master Business License, business owners may apply for a City of Redmond License. City of Redmond business license fees are calculated as follows:

    • The minimum license fee is $106.90, covering the first 1,920 hours worked in the city. The fee for the City of Redmond Business License is calculated based on the total number of employee hours worked in Redmond in the previous year (or an estimate of the number of hours that will be worked in the current year if a full year of previous work history is unavailable.) The City of Redmond suggests calculating the fee in one of two ways:
      1. Take the sum of employee hours reported to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries in each quarter of the previous year and (for the 2014 tax year) multiply that number by $0.055677.
      2. Multiply the number of full-time equivalent employees that worked in Redmond during the previous tax year by $106.90.The number of employees is based on the sum of employees on in the four quarterly reports submitted to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for the previous year divided by four.)
    • To apply for a new business license go to Citizen Service online system and follow the steps to “Apply for a License”. Different classifications of business licenses include Business owners located within the city limits complete the City of Redmond, businesses located outside the city limits but doing business within Redmond and home–based businesses located within the city limits.

All business licenses expire December 31st of each calendar year and must be renewed by February 15th if business will continue in Redmond.


City of Redmond B&O Tax

City of Redmond Tax Information

The City of Redmond does not charge a business and occupation tax but does levy an annual “business tax” of $106.90 per full-time equivalent employee.