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Our bookkeeping services include making entries of all bank and credit card transactions into a bookkeeping software program such as QuickBooks. This includes entering checks written, credit card charges for purchases and deposits received. Each month we reconcile all bank and credit card accounts to make sure all transactions are accounted for and no suspicious transactions have occurred.

Why hire a bookkeeper?

Cash Flow Projections

Does your business have enough cash each month to pay expenses? This might sound like an easy question, but many small businesses make decisions without truly understanding what their cash flow is. We provide a report that shows what the actual revenue and expenses have been to date and project future months to help in making smart decisions as purchases are planned and changes occur.

The importance of a cash flow

Monthly Financial Reporting

To have a successful business, it’s important to review the financial reports on a regular basis. Once the bank and credit card statements have been reconciled, we provide reports to be used to track and monitor the progress of the business. Many businesses will only see how they have done at the end of the year when taxes are prepared. By reviewing and monitoring the financial reports on a monthly basis, a business can make changes throughout the year to prosper and grow.

QuickBooks Training

If you have a new business and want to take care of the bookkeeping yourself, we can show you the steps to make the entries correctly. QuickBooks is both a simple and a complex program. Many new users can find themselves in trouble if the various modules are not used correctly. This is a great way to start if you are watching your cash flow as a new business, or if you’ve used QuickBooks for a while and want to learn how to enter more complicated transactions.

Payroll Services

We provide payroll services for your small business. There are many rules and regulations when it comes to processing payroll for both the employees and the business. We keep track of when payroll should be processed and will work with you to accurately process hourly and salaried employees. Quarterly and annual tax reports and forms will be completed to avoid any penalties from the IRS or state payroll tax departments.

Notary Services

We are a licensed Notary and can validate signatures on legal documents.

Why hire a bookkeeper?

Just having an innovative business idea is not enough to survive in this highly competitive market…