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City of Mercer Island Business License

Business License Information
Business License Questions: 206-275-7602

After procuring a State of Washington Master Business License, business owners may apply for a City of Mercer Island License as follows:

  1. Submit the completed form along with a check in the amount of $30.00 made payable to City of Mercer Island.
  2. Mail both application and fee to:

    City of Mercer Island
    9611 SE 36th Street
    Mercer Island, WA 98040-3732

To file for your City of Issaquah business license, complete and submit the form online at the Washington Department of Revenue website.

Add Mercer Island business license as an endorsement to your Washington State Business License.

City of Mercer Island B&O Tax

City of Mercer Island tax information

The City of Mercer Island collects a Business and Occupation tax from all active Business License holders with gross revenue in excess of $150,000 per calendar year. The first $150,000 of revenue per year is exempt from tax. Revenue of $150,001 and above are taxed at a rate of .0010 with a $20.00 minimum payment.