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City of Redmond Business License

Business License Information
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After procuring a State of Washington Master Business License, business owners will apply for a City of Redmond Business License. Complete the form online on the Department of Revenue (DOR) website at

The licensing fee is currently $132.00 per 1,920 hours worked. When applying for a City endorsement on the DOR site, the applicant should provide the total number of estimated (or actual) hours worked in Redmond by all full-time, part-time, seasonal and salaried employees, owners, officers, and/or family members in Redmond, as well as employees working from home who would otherwise be working in Redmond. The DOR site will convert the hours to full-time employee equivalents and determine the fee.

Annual employee hours may be calculated based on the sum of employee hours on the four quarterly reports submitted to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries for the previous year. However, in addition to the annual employee hours reported on the L&I report, employee hours for sole proprietors, owners, managers, partners, and any family members working at the business, as well as any officers, agents or personal representatives acting in a fiduciary capacity are to be added/included.

Business licenses are issued for one year from the date of application and must be renewed annually. The DOR Business Licensing Service will notify businesses it is time to renew via their Secure Access Washington (SAW) account. Renewal notices are emailed a month before the endorsement expires.


City of Redmond B&O Tax

City of Redmond Tax Information

The City of Redmond does not charge a business and occupation tax but does levy an annual “business tax” of $132.00 per full-time equivalent employee.